Inclusion Through Mentorship

kirsten and a friend holding hands and walking

Inclusion through Mentorship

Kirsten is a local resident and is a familiar face around town – each week, she dons her reflective vest and picks up garbage to help keep the community clean. This past year, Kirsten wanted to expand her volunteer work and began mentoring children and youth at Clements’ Children & Family Support Program (CFS).

One youth with whom Kirsten fostered a deep connection with was Ashlee. Then 17, Kirsten supported Ashlee throughout her final year in the CFS program and her transition into adult programming. Ashlee shares, “I liked playing Wii, baking, and playing basketball with Kirsten. I even see her at the pool every now and then.”

Mentorship can take many forms. Providing guidance and companionship as a mentor is a great way to help ensure our communities are safer and more inclusive for everyone!