A Family-Centered Approach to Inclusion

Sometimes, inclusion looks like supporting the community around the person with a disability, so the family as a whole is better able to support and care for one another. Siblings of children with special needs often have the longest-lasting relationships within the family unit, yet there is little to no support for them as they navigate this role.

In response to this need, Clements’ Sundrops Centre for Child Development hosted our first ever ‘Sibshop’ – an afternoon to provide young brothers and sisters of children with special needs with peer support.

Held at Bright Angel Park, this Sibshop saw children aged 6-12 engage in reflective activities, a fun nature scavenger hunt, and a delicious pizza lunch, facilitated by Sundrops staff. Many of the participants expressed they enjoyed being around peers who could relate to their unique circumstances and felt less isolated in their experiences.

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