Supported Employment Program

The Supported Employment Program aims to facilitate the identification and fulfillment of self-directed vocational goals for adults with developmental disabilities who want to integrate into the workforce. We provide an experienced job coach for each job start.

This coach will assist the employee and business owner or manager in whatever way they need in order to train the employee to perform the job. Each individual is assessed and monitored to ensure compliance of their placement with the requirements of the Employment Standards Act.

Individuals accepted must have a desire to set a vocational goal and be willing to acquire and demonstrate skills that indicate that they may be able to attain their stated vocational goals. Individuals must be independently mobile, with or without aids, and self-administer their medications. The Supported Employment Program charges no fee for its service to employers or job applicants.

Services for Job Seekers

  • Self-directed planning
  • Detailed vocational skills assessments
  • Assistance with individualized, active job search
  • Coaching and counselling in job search techniques, work attitudes, and social skills
  • Individualized, on-the-job training to support participants in meeting the employer’s job performance expectations
  • Follow-up support to ensure long-term success
  • Retraining as necessary
  • Personal advocacy for employment-related matters

A written plan is developed and implemented for each individual receiving services. Plans are reviewed annually but can be reviewed at any time, as requested by an individual. A Vocational Action Plan will be written with each client after an assessment of their vocational interests and work history.

Individuals are also encouraged to learn about a variety of community resources. Trained staff are employed to provide quality service.

Services for Employers

  • All services are free of charge
  • Pre-screening of our clients for specific skills and aptitude
  • Assistance, as needed, in the hiring process
  • Individualized. on job training for the employee
  • On-site support teaching work attitudes, social skills, and other work ethics
  • Follow-up support or re-training as necessary
  • Flexible work schedules that accommodate your staffing needs
  • Disability Awareness training for current employees
  • Qualified job coaches have WCB coverage, health and disability, and liability insurance up to $2,000,000 provided through the Society

Resources for Employers

Clements Centre Society Offers Three Types of Employment Support:

Supported employment refers to programs and services designed to assist individuals with disabilities in finding and maintaining employment. These programs provide various forms of support tailored to the individual’s needs, which may include job coaching, vocational training, assistance with resume writing and job searching, accommodation arrangements, and ongoing support in the workplace. The goal of supported employment is to help individuals with disabilities achieve meaningful and sustainable employment that aligns with their skills, interests, and abilities. This approach emphasizes inclusion, independence, and self-determination, aiming to integrate individuals with disabilities into the workforce and promote their economic self-sufficiency and social inclusion.

Customized employment is an approach to helping individuals with disabilities or other barriers to employment find and maintain jobs that match their unique skills, interests, and abilities. Instead of fitting individuals into existing job descriptions, customized employment involves tailoring job duties, schedules, and support structures to accommodate the specific needs and strengths of the individual.

Self-employment typically refers to a situation where an individual creates their own job or business tailored to their skills, interests, and lifestyle preferences. Rather than working for an employer, they take on various projects, freelance work, or start a business that aligns with their passions and abilities. Overall, self-employment offers autonomy, flexibility, and the opportunity to pursue work that is personally fulfilling and aligned with one’s values and goals.

Who is Eligible for the Supported Employment Program?

Any resident of the Cowichan Valley who is 19+ and has a developmental disability and/or neurodiversity can access pre-employment training and secure employment by referral through Community Living BC (CLBC).