Home Sharing Program

Our home-sharing program provides options for adults who prefer a smaller or more family-based environment. Services are provided by contracted caregivers, sometimes called roommates. They share living space and responsibilities around the home and provide whatever level of support is appropriate to the individual’s needs. This may include recreational support, community participation, and personal life and home skill development.

Home sharing focuses on optimizing independence, self-determination, and choice while ensuring safety. We recruit and screen community members who provide services under contract to CCS. We work with both individuals and caregivers to find the best possible match and provide the training and support to make it work. We promote long-lasting relationships between individuals and caregivers, and the development of a strong network of support that includes the individual’s family, the caregivers’ family, and the neighborhood.

We honor the different values and backgrounds of individuals and families when matching individuals with caregivers, and while providing residential support.

Home sharing is provided in individual homes in the Cowichan Valley. Support is provided up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, depending on the needs of the individual and the particular support model. The home-sharing coordinator’s office is located at the CCS building on Clements Street in Duncan, BC.

For more information or to receive an application please call: Ph. 250.746-4135 and leave a message with reception. A downloadable application form is available here:

Client Spotlight- Life on the Water

I am Faron John and I have lived with my Homeshare provider and roommate Jordan Cain since the end of July. We live on a beautiful hops farm and enjoy doing lots of different things together. One of the activities we have been able to do while physically distancing from others is going sailing, just the two of us, or sometimes with a couple of friends that brought their own boat and we tied up alongside. That way we could enjoy each other’s company while keeping our bubble small. One place we sailed to was the Goldstream Marina where I experienced Vanilla Coke.

I left my mark on the boat when my tooth fell out while eating beef jerky. We have a dashboard Hula Guy on the boat who now holds my missing tooth. Soon I will be sporting a new tooth but it hasn’t stopped me from sharing a smile with the people I meet.

We sailed around Saltspring Island a few times, leaving from Genoa Bay, going through Samsum Narrows, and stopping for lunch in Maple Bay at the Lion Rampant where I love the mac and cheese. Sometimes we would stop at Clam Bay or Walkers Hook and drop anchor. We sailed as far as we could the first day and then set up at Saltspring for the night. We BBQ’d on the boat. Later, the rocking of the boat back and forth put me to sleep. The next day we continued the rest of the way around Saltspring and made our way back home sometimes sailing or using the motor when we were going too slow.

Winter is coming and we will find other ways to amuse ourselves but we still plan on getting some more sailing in before winter.