Clements Centre Staff Shout Outs!

Staff at Clements Centre for Families are exceptional, going above and beyond to create positive impacts with the people they serve and the broader community. Here’s a space for us to celebrate the incredible talent, heart, and dynamism of our staff, with a Staff Shout Out!

Staff Shout out to Joanna Felton – Sundrops’ Speech Language Pathologist Extraordinaire!

Jo is taking the journey to Washington DC next week to present the findings of Sundrops’ research regarding the SpeakEasy app at the American Speech and Hearing Conference!!

Jo took a lead role in this research which contributes to evidence-based practice in the world of early intervention.

We are so grateful to Jo for her dedication to the families that we serve, consistently going above and beyond in every aspect of her work.

Shout Out to Brenda Guild!

“A huge shout out of gratitude to Brenda Guild for sharing her creativity and amazing planning skills to give South End the best Halloween ever! The lunch, the costumes, the sense of fun, joy, and team spirit you bought to the program was incredible!

Thank you, Brenda for all you do for our program and always going above and beyond in your professionalism and dedication to the beautiful people we serve.”