Kick Start the Bus Raises more than $44,800!

Thanks to the generosity of the Cowichan community, Island Ford Superstore, 100 Warmland Women, and Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charity, Sundrops’ Kick Start the Bus campaign has raised $44,800!


About the Campaign

For more than 15 years, the Children & Family Support program has relied on an aged, 11-seat van with only one wheelchair seat to transport children to and from engaging community activities. This vehicle has been a barrier to inclusion for many years, but it’s a barrier we can change – together.

Clements Centre for Families has acquired a brand new 24-passenger bus with TWO wheelchair seats! This vehicle means no child is left behind and no activity is off-limits. Variety, the Children’s Charity, has generously donated half the cost of the bus and Clements successfully raised more than $44,800 to cover the remaining costs!

Island Ford Superstore answered the call for support and matched all community donations up to $10,000!