The Ryall Roadtrip- Whistler 2016

At the beginning on November, Steve and Paul went on a weekend trip to Whistler along with caregivers Bri and Laura. There is nothing better than fresh mountain air to make you feel alive. We all loved the walks in Whistler Village, exploring all of the amenities and photo ops. Steve really enjoyed Cows ice cream shop, no matter the flavor; he loved them all. We had an amazing dinner at Pasta Lupino on one of our evenings. The service and food was excellent, we definitely recommend going there. On one of our days, we drove into Squamish, and went on the Sea to Sky Gondola. There was beautiful a view going up the gondola, but when you get to the top it is unbelievable. We walked around on one of the trails at the top, and took a few photos when the clouds cleared up a bit. Thankfully we made it back to the gondola before it started to rain too much. Paul loved the view coming up and down the gondola he was smiling the entire time. All in all it was an amazing trip; we met some amazing people, and made some great memories.