Car Seat Program

It is estimated that as many as 5% of British Columbians are not using a child car seat when transporting children.  The Community Child Care Seat Program is a partnership between BCAA and United Way of the Lower Mainland.  The program provides child car seats to eligible non profit agencies throughout British Columbia.  Those agencies in turn pass those seats along to families who otherwise may have gone without allowing parents and caregivers to transport their children correctly, keeping them safe.

Clements Centre was a successful applicant to the program and as such is able to distribute care seats to the families we serve.  Families are also provided with specific training on the use of those car seats, allowing them to transport their children correctly, keeping them safe on the roads.

The smile says it all.  Kayla is excited to receive a car seat and learns from Sheila Northcott, a CPSAC certified instructor, the correct way to install the seat.  CPSAC or Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada is a national, not-for-profit corporation. Its members promote child passenger safety through public education, advocacy and training in children’s restraint systems, often on a volunteer basis.

The generosity of BCAA, United Way and CPSAC ensures parents and their children have more access to community and recreational events.  Clements is proud to facilitate this access for the families we support!