Chapter 3 – Career Progress

At the beginning of this year, in early January, I began working on my goals with Shannon and have been doing really well.

We began by contacting a couple of local recording studios on the island. We had some great responses, and just recently finalized a session with a local studio owner by the name of Zak, at Woodshop Studios in Duncan. He invited us for a tour, sat with me, and showed me how all the “behind the scenes” magic works. I got to play with the mixing board, learn how tracks are isolated, and how it is all combined together to make a song ready for the radio!

I had an absolutely great day. I learned a lot, and now I am even more motivated to keep going onwards and upwards!

I feel like a rockstar already!

This August I will be off to Vancouver on August 1st to see one of my favourite artists of all time, Miss Taylor Swift! And ALSO with a BACKSTAGE PASS!! This will be my second time seeing Taylor Swift as I have seen her in concert once already. Whoohoo!