Sundrops Launch Party

The skies outside may have been dull and gray, but inside, the freshly painted sunflower-yellow lobby of the Clements Centre glowed with warmth and festivity welcoming guests and clients to launch the newly named Sundrops Centre for Child Development last Wednesday, May 30th.

Local media attended the event and interviewed several parents about the positive role the Sundrops Centre has played in their families’ lives. The cameras also turned towards two of our sundrops, Holly and Ryland, who shared their thoughts and proved to be naturals under the spotlight.

Ryland and Holly shining in front of the camera


When not attending to their media duties, the children enjoyed an array of craft tables, snacks, and an ever-popular bouncy pit. Adults were engaged by the colourful and informative displays in the lobby which provided details on programs and services available to families in the region.

Terri, Holly and Sonja bouncing around.


The launch party also provided an opportunity to boost Clements Centre Society membership as almost a dozen new members were added to the society’s roster.



If you would like to support our children and the opportunities the Centre provides, please contact us at 250-746-4135.


President, Leslie Welin, cutting the cake.