Sensory Room

Multi-Sensory Experiences

A unique opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to explore, have fun and participate in an array of sensory experiences.

The multi-sensory room is a therapeutic and recreational room designed to provide stimulation and relaxation through touch, light , and sound. Trust and relaxation are encouraged in the multi-sensory room by providing the space and time to enjoy sensations. Everybody needs relaxation and enjoyment. The goal of the multi-sensory room is to meet these needs.

The concept of multisensory rooms began in Holland with development of “Snoezelen”, an approach to multisensory therapy for people with disabilities. The multisensory room is specifically designed to provide a variety of sensory experience to promote relaxation, leisure, learning, and fun for people with special needs.

Multisensory rooms have been used to enhance sensory development, increase hand/eye co-ordination, promote language development and encourage relaxation for people of all ages and abilities.

Some of the sensory stimulation and experiences may include:

  • Snuggling in the Huddle Cuddle Cushion
  • Relaxing on the massage mat
  • Watching a variety of projected visual imagery
  • Dreaming to music
  • Watching bubbles stream and rise in the bubble tube; its interactive too.
  • Playing with fibre optics light spray
  • Enjoying a variety of tactile sensations such as the weighted blanket, hug blanket, tactile box items, and a variety of textures and qualities

For more information please contact the Clements Centre at 250-746-4135

Photos of the Sensory Room