Hi my name is Tonia Hill. I am 21 years old. I’ve been attending the southend day program for almost a year. I love the program because I have made lots of friends there and we do lots of fun activities. My favorite things to do there are going to Monday music, swimming and going out for lunch. I’ve been also working on being more independent and doing things for myself. I am a singer-songwriter and I’m working on my performing skills. I started performing when I was 12 years old.

The southend program has really helped me launch my career and program has given me more freedom to grow and develop. Everyone at the Southend program has been really supportive. I play multiple instruments such as flute, fiddle, acoustic guitar, banjo, and the mandolin and sing. I practice each instrument for about 2 hours every day. I’m currently in the Cowichan Valley concert band with my flute. I’ve been in the band for 2 years now and have made a few friends not many. I enjoy playing with the band but sometimes it can be challenging but I work through it plus it makes me a better player too.

I feel great about everything that I’ve accomplished so far and I plan to better my career by practicing every day and working on my performing skills. I hope to make it to the top someday and travel the world and share my music with millions of people. I have 3 mottos that I live by – they are Don’t Give Up, Believe and Never Say Never. That is how I stay motivated in life and in everything I do.

In addition to my bio, I would like to share my career book chapters on the Clements Centre website. Keep watching for my new chapters.

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