by Ryland’s Mom, Sylvia

Ryland is five. He is bright, funny, charming, and completely without a doubt, the sweetest little guy you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

He came rushing into this world five weeks early, giving us a complete shock! Due to his early arrival he had a rough time with feeding and sleeping. This continued up to and beyond his 9th month, when a lovely lady by the name of Rhoda referred us to the Sundrops Centre.

What a lifesaver they have been for my son! This team of people are full of vast amounts of information, and kindness. They were always there offering advice, possible solutions and a listening ear.

When Ryland was two and a half, I really started noticing that his speech was delayed. Having a five word vocabulary made it hard for him to communicate and often tough situations would leave us both frustrated and in tears. Countless times I have called the centre distraught, asking for help, and countless times I have received it.

We were blessed enough to be placed with Alexis. It was a match made in heaven, and Ryland loved going to see her. She was not only patient with him, but I could tell that she truly cared about us and that made all the difference. Alexis will always hold a very special place in both our hearts.

In April of 2011, Ryland was officially diagnosed with Autism as well as a speech disorder. The Sundrops Centre was there throughout the whole process, helping me with any paperwork, or details that needed attending to.

Shelley R. offered me great comfort as she counselled me. She helped me through the grieving process, letting me know that it was entirely okay to cry, to be angry and hurt by this life change. She also said that I would heal, and move forward, and I really have. Shelley pointed me in the direction I needed, to find the extra therapy and support Ryland needed,taking a huge amount of stress off my shoulders.

Ryland will be attending French Immersion in the fall. He is enrolled in full day Kindergarten, and is so excited. He has caught up developmentally and he never ever stops talking! He has come so far! I am so proud that he is my son and at the same time humbled by that very thought.

A huge thank you to everyone at the Sundrops Centre, for supporting my son with your warmth, knowledge and love. Each and every one of you has helped him grow. Thank you for helping him in ways that I wasn’t able. It really does take a village to raise a child and I am forever grateful.