Our Stories


Our daughter, Leila Elizabeth, came into the world with a rough start. My pregnancy was by the books and our baby was strong and healthy as I left the doctors office just days before her arrival. However, when she seemed to stop moving in utero, we made our way to the hospital for a non stress test to see if she was okay.

Within minutes of being hooked up to the monitoring system, the room filled with hospital staff and my bed was pushed in the direction of the operating room. I would later learn that Leila’s heart rate was very low as a blood clot in her umbilical cord was cutting off oxygen. I was put to sleep and an emergency Caesarean was performed. Leila was deemed a miracle as she was resuscitated after 30 minutes! My family and I were told, that if she lived, she would be very delayed. We were all devastated.
After a helicopter ride from Cowichan District Hospital to Victoria General and 18 long days of recovery, Leila finally came home. It wasn’t long before the phone rang and it was the Clements Centre wanting to set up my first appointment with our IDP. Little did I know then, that 4 of the amazing Clements staff would become involved in the care for Leila. When they come to my house, its like visiting with a good friend. One who understands the challenges my daughter faces, supports me on my down days when I need to have a good cry, and are very knowledgeable in their fields. They support our family and take general interest in our well being.

As months turned into a year, and Leila’s development didn’t match the other babies in our life, I needed extra encouragement and goals to help Leila achieve at her best. From feeding struggles, seating systems, range of motion exercises and sleeping tips, the staff at Clements seem to know it all! And if they don’t know the answer, they’ll find it. We are so thankful to have them in our lives. We know with their help, Leila’s life with cerebral palsy will be given the best early intervention possible. We will never be alone in this battle.