Activation Leisure

Recreation and Leisure Activities for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Activation/leisure is exactly what it’s name implies – a community based program which enables adults to pursue recreational and leisure activities of their choosing. We provide a safe and positive environment in which individuals 19+ may maximize their capacity for growth, with the greatest degree of independence.

Self-directed plans are implemented for each person, based on the individual’s strengths and needs.

Cowichan Aquatic Centre

Cowichan Aquatic Centre

Our larger program is divided up into smaller groups, each group being led by a staff member. Groups are formed on the basis of shared interests, and in the case of our seniors group, by age! We make use of the many recreational activities available in the valley, including bowling, swimming, skating, the Sportsplex track and the many hiking trails.

At our Clements Street base we can offer art, crafts, games, cooking and educational workshops, to name but a few things. Concerts, movies, plays, local events and day trips are favourites for most people. We also support individuals to volunteer in the community as well as offering our own gardening program.

Please check out our photo gallery or come on down and check us out in person. We don’t guarantee we won’t be out and about, but try us anytime between 8:30 and 3:30, Monday through Friday.